Please select any of the help topics below to get more information on Golf Shot Analytics.

Getting started

Here we describe the general idea of Golf Shot Analytics and how to get started.

  • General idea What is the idea behind Golf Shot Analytics and how to use it.
  • Basic concepts Here we describe some important basic concepts.
  • Compatibility Information about compatibility with older versions of the app (when is was still called R10Analytics).
  • Importing shot data Here we describe how to export your shot data from your device or simulator and import it in Golf Shot Analytics. The app currently supports import form the Garmin R10, FlightScope devices, Awesome GolfGSPro, and Uneekor devices.
  • The toolbar At the top of the screen there is the toolbar. Here you can select the dashboard to see, and there are buttons and menus. We describe these here.
  • Profiles You can define different profiles each with their own shots, dashboards, and settings. You can switch between profiles in the top-right icon of the toolbar.
  • Settings You can change many settings that control the way Golf Shot Analytics looks and works.
  • Columns For each shot there are a number of columns. You can also define your own columns and change their appearance.

Selecting shots

For any dashboard, you can select the collection of shots to show, using the selection bar. There are very extensive selection possibilities.

  • Dates Here we describe how to create a selection of shots based on the date the shot was done.
  • Clubs Often you want to restrict yourself to shots with a particular club or from a club set.
  • Filters Using filters you can restrict your selected shots in any way you like. Filters are described using formulas.
  • Tags You can give tags to shots and then select shots with particular tags.
  • Other selections Here you can make selections based on session and driving range.


There are a number of different dashboards for your shot data. Each dashboard gives you different insight in you shots.

  • Home You get some global information about your shots and you can see  your objectives.
  • Sessions In the sessions dashboard you can inspect and change your golf sessions.
  • Shot list Here we describe the shot list dashboard that shows information about individual shots.
  • Clubs overview Here we describe the clubs overview dashboard where you get information for each club and can compare them.
  • Progress Here we describe the progress dashboard where you can see how metrics develop over time.
  • Frequency Here we describe the frequency dashboard where you can see the frequency of your shots over metrics.
  • Correlations Here we describe the correlations dashboard where you can see the relation between metrics.
  • Trajectories Here you can look at the trajectories of all the selected shots.

You can also define your own dashboards.


Dashboards consists of components. There is a large collection of different components that you can use in your dashboards. There are various tables, charts, and other components. For an overview and further links, see the help on components.

Tips and Tricks

Here we give some tips and tricks to achieve certain things with Golf Shot Analytics.