In Golf Shot Analytics you can define different profiles. Profiles normally correspond to different users, but you can also define profiles to make a distinction between different situations, like your simulator setup and the driving range. Each profile has its own collection of shots, sessions, dashboards, filters and settings. Shots can be in just one profile. If you try to import them again in a different profile, they are not added. You must delete them first.

A profile can only store shots of a single device, because different devices use different metrics. If you use multiple devices, you should add a separate profile for each device.

Profile menu

The menu at the right of the toolbar is the profiles menu. The menu is indicated by a circle with the profile's initials. Default the profile is named Player with initial P but you can use your own name and also change it later. In the profile menu you see all the profile names (initially just one) and you can switch between them by clicking on the profile. This will show the shots for the profile with all its settings. For example, it will revert to the last used selection and dashboard for that profile.

There is also a menu item to Define profiles. Here you can add new profiles and change existing profiles.

Defining profiles

When you click the menu item to define profiles, you get an overview of the profiles that are defined. Note that the currently selected profile is in bold. At the right there are a number of buttons:

  • Add profile Here you can add a new profile. You must provide the name, gender, year of birth, handicap, and hand, as you did during onboarding for your first profile. Also, you must indicate the device used. You can indicate whether you want to copy the settings (including dashboards and filters) of the current profile or whether you want to start with the default settings. Press Save to save the new profile.
  • Change profile Here you can change the selected profile. You can change all the settings except for the device.
  • Delete profile Deletes the selected profile. This is permanent! It will delete all shots in the profile. When there are still undeleted shots in the profile, you are warned about this. You cannot deleted the current profile. If you want to delete the current profile, first go to a different profile. There must always be one profile.
  • Move up and Move down. Use these to change the order of the profiles.

Adding a new profile will not move you to that profile. You need to select the new profile in the profile menu.


  • When you import shots, they are placed in the current profile. If you want to put the shots in a different profile, first switch to that profile.
  • If you incidentally added the shots to the wrong profile, in the sessions dashboard, select the session with the shots. In the menu at the top-right of the session info, there is a command to move the profile with the shots to a different profile. You can only move shots to a profile using the same device.
  • When you clear all data in the file menu, you can indicate whether to clear the data for the current profile or all data for all profiles.
  • When you create a backup or restore one, this influences all profiles. Not just the current one.