When you click on the cog icon the settings menu is shown. Here you have the following options:

  • Define dashboards. Any screen you look at in Golf Shot Analytics is a dashboard. There are a number of standard dashboards and you can add your own. For more information, see the help on dashboards.
  • Define columns. For each shot a number of columns or metrics are available, that are provided by the launch monitor. You can though add your own columns. These columns can then also be shown in the tables and charts. A column definition consists of a formula that computes the value, based on the other columns. For example, if you are interested in the relation between the deviation distance and the total distance, you can create a column with formula 100*TotalDeviationDistance/TotalDistance. This will give the deviation distance as percentage of the total distance. For more information, see the help on columns.
  • Define club sets. You can group clubs in sets. You can then later select a particular set of clubs. Default there are sets for each type of club (Drivers, Irons, Woods, etc.). But you can add your own sets here. For example, when you use the device with multiple people it works best to give each user his or her own clubs (for the Garmin R10 you can define them in the Bag in the Garmin app). Now you can define a different set for each user, such that you can distinguish between them in the statistics. When you select this menu item, a dialog is shown. At the left you see the names of the sets. When you select one of them, at the right the selected club names or types indicate the clubs in the set. You can change this by selecting or deselecting certain clubs. Use <Ctrl> to select or deselect individual clubs, and hold <Shift> to select a range of clubs. At the bottom there are buttons to add or remove sets and to change the order. When you add a set you are asked for a name and whether the set is based on club names or club types. In the first case, you can select a number of club names. In the second case a number of club types. Finally there is a Reset button. Press this to reset all sets to the defaults. This will remove all sets you added!
  • Define macros. Macros are named formulas that you can use in other formulas and filters. For example, you can define macros to select your top-10 shots or your push-draws. For more information, see the help on macros.
  • Select units. Here you can indicate in what units the values are shown. You can set three types of units: distance (like the carry and total distance), height (only the apex height) and speed (like the ball speed and club head speed). 
  • Use light theme. Default, the app uses a dark theme. If you prefer a light theme, select this option.
  • Change color. Use this to change the main color used. (Default is Blue.)