Every page you look at in Golf Shot Analytics is a dashboard. There are a number of standard dashboards, and you can add your own. Dashboards consist of components. A component can be a table, a chart, or some other element. Note that sometimes there are splitters between components. These look like a row of a couple of dots. You can use these to change the relative size of the components in the dashboard.

The following standard dashboards exist:

  • Home. This is the dashboard you go to when you click the home button in the toolbar. It contains some global information and some objectives you can define. Note that this dashboard has no selection bar. It always deals with all shots.
  • Sessions. This dashboard contains a table of all sessions. When you click on a session you get information about the session, a club table with information about the clubs in the session, a shot table with all the shots, and a driving range showing the positions of the shots. When you click on a club in the club table, the shots with that club are selected.
  • Shots list. A table of all (selected) shots. When you click on a shot, at the bottom metric information about the shot is given, together with a visual representation of the shot.
  • Clubs overview. A table with information about all the clubs, with e.g. average distances. Below it you see charts with information about two metrics, again, combined per club. When you click on a metric name in the club table, the left chart shows that metric. When you hold <Shift>, the right chart shows that metric.
  • Progress. Here you see the progress over time for four metrics. So you can for example see whether your distance or club speed improved. You can change the metrics for each progress chart. In the selection bar you can make a selection of the shots to consider, for example, for a particular club.
  • Frequency. Here you see frequency charts of four metrics. 
  • Correlations. Here you can look at correlations between metrics. For example, you might be interested to learn how your distance depends on the club head speed. In the left top you see a correlation matrix of the correlations between the most important metrics. When you click on any correlation, at the top right a correlation chart is shown of that particular combination of metrics. At the bottom you see the probability distribution charts of those two metrics. 
  • Trajectories. Here you can see the trajectories of the selected shots. It also shows a driving range with the final position of the shots and some average metrics related to to the trajectories.

For more information, click on the names of the dashboards in the list.

You can change the standard dashboards when editing dashboards.

Creating your own dashboards

You can easily create your own dashboards. You can, for example, create dashboards about particular clubs or about particular types of metrics. To this end, click the edit icon in the toolbar, or select Define dashboards from the settings menu. For more information, see the help on defining dashboards.