Shots list dashboard

R10 Analytics Shot Data

The shots list dashboard gives you information about individual shots. You can make a selection in the selection bar to limit the collection of shots you want to see. The table at the top shows the metrics of all (selected) shots. When you select a shot in the table, at the bottom you will see the metrics of that particular shot, and a visual representation of the ball trajectory and impact.

If a shot has an associated video, the two bottom component will contain an icon to see that video.

The shots list dashboard consists of three parts.

  • An shot table component that shows the metrics of all (selected) shots. Click on the columns icon to change the metrics you want to see. When you select shots in the table you can delete them or change them.
  • A shot metrics component that shows the metrics of a selected shot.
  • A shot visuals component that shows the ball trajectory for the shot and the impact between the club and the ball.

Note that you can always change the shots list dashboard if you prefer other component. For this, use the edit icon in the toolbar. You can also change the settings of each component to change the information shown and the look.