Shot metrics

R10 Analytics Shot Trajectory

In the shot metrics component you get information about the metrics for a particular shot. In the title bar it is shown what club was used and at what date and time the shot was made. When the shot has an associated video, there is also an icon in the title bar to show that video. 

Each metric is shown in a box with the name of the metric, the value, and the unit used. Some metrics might be more important to you than others and are more prominently shown. If you click on a metric you switch between important and not important. This is remembered between session.  

Note that the metrics related to spin are shown in italic when the spin is estimated (or the method is unknow) and normal when the spin is measured, and, hence, more reliable. (This does only apply to devices where that information is available.)

If you want to change the order of the metrics or remove certain metrics from view, click on the columns icon in the title bar, or select Select metrics in the menu. Here you can select the metrics to show. A form is shown with two lists. At the left you see the metrics that are not yet shown and at the right you see the selected metrics . You can select one or more of the metrics and drag them to the other list. You can also drag them inside the list to change the order. Press the Select all button to select all metrics and press the Clear button to remove them. Press one of the Sort buttons to place the metrics in the default order. Press the Reset button to put the situation back to when you opened the dialog. Press OK when you are ready.

The menu in the title bar also has commands to save the component as a PNG image file, to change the settings, and to pop-out the component as a separate window.


The shot metrics component has a number of settings that you can change by clicking the settings icon in the title bar.

  • Name. The name of the component. 
  • Title. The title shown in the title bar. If you leave this empty the club, date, and time are shown.
  • Select metrics. Select the metrics to show in the component.
  • Use absolute value. Show the absolute values of the metrics, where this is relevant. So you e.g. see the absolute deviation distance and side spin.
  • Max columns. The maximum number of columns to use. When set to 0 this is computed based on the shape of the component.
  • Max rows. The maximum number of rows to use. When set to 0 this is computed based on the shape of the component.

Note that there are buttons to reset the settings to the default (as defined in the dashboard) and to copy the settings from another shot metrics component.