Shot visuals

R10 Analytics Shot Trajectory

In the shot visuals component you get a visual representation of the ball flight trajectory and the impact. In the title bar it is shown what club was used and at what date and time the shot was made. When the shot has an associated video, there is also an icon in the title bar to show that video. 

There are four views:

  • A side view of the trajectory. Here you see things like the carry and total distance, the height, the launch angle and the backspin.
  • A top view of the trajectory. Here you see the horizontal launch angle, the deviation distance, and the side spin.
  • A side view of the impact. Here you see the attack angle and club speed, and the launch angle and ball speed.
  • A top view of the impact. Here you see the horizontal launch angle, the club path angle, and the face to path (or the club face angle).

You might need to make the window large enough to see all this information. In the settings you can also indicate to show a subset of the views.

The menu in the title bar also has commands to save the component as a PNG image file, to change the settings, and to pop-out the component as a separate window.


The shot visuals component has a number of settings that you can change by clicking the settings icon in the title bar.

  • Name. The name of the component. 
  • Title. The title shown in the title bar. If you leave this empty the club, date, and time are shown.
  • Image. What image to show: trajectory, impact, or both.
  • View. What view to show: side view, top view, or both.
  • Display. Here you can indicate whether, in the top view impact image, you want to see the face to path or the club face angle.

Note that there are buttons to reset the settings to the default (as defined in the dashboard) and to copy the settings from another shot visuals component.