The toolbar

At the top of the window there is a toolbar. This toolbar has the following elements:

Home button

Press the home button to go back to the Home dashboard that contains some global information about your shots.

Current dashboard

Next you see the name of the current dashboard you are looking at. Click on it to get a drop-down menu of the different dashboards that you can view.

Edit dashboard button

Click on the edit icon next to the dashboard to change it. This brings you to the dashboard editor where you can change dashboards and add your own. For more information, see the help on defining and changing dashboards.

Import button

Press this button to import shot data. For more information, see the help on importing data. You might want to do this regularly to get the data about your most recent shots.

File menu

  • Import data. You can also use this item to import shot data. For more information see the help on importing data.
  • Clear all shots. Clears all shot data. This really deletes them (not just marked deleted). When there are multiple profiles you are asked whether to clear the shots for the current profile or for all profiles. Note that, when you clear the shots and import them again, they will be added again. If you want to avoid that, just delete the shots in the shot list.
  • Save dashboard as PDF. This allows you to save the current dashboard as a pdf file.
  • Create backup. Creates a backup zip-file containing the shots, sessions and all settings for all profiles.
  • Restore backup. This restores a backup you created before. All shots, session and settings are restored for ALL profiles, not just the current profile. You are asked whether you want to restore the shots (and session), the settings, or both (default). Note that you cannot restore backups created with the old R10 Analytics program.
  • Exit. Exit the app. 

Dashboard menu

Here you can select what dashboard you want to view. You can select one of the default dashboards or one of your own. For more information, see the help on dashboards.

Settings menu

Here  you can change a number of settings. For more information, see the help on settings.

Help menu

  • View Online Help. Brings you to these help pages.
  • Make a Donation. Golf Shot Analytics is free and we intend to keep it that way. But donations are appreciated to pay for the various costs we have. We use PayPal for this, which works very easily without the need to make an account or leave personal data.
  • Visit Website. Go to the Golf Shot Analytics website ( 
  • Check for updates. This brings you to a special page on the website where it is checked whether you have the most recent version of the app.
  • Contact us. This brings you to the contact page on the website where you can report bugs, suggest features, or ask questions.
  • License agreement. Here you can re-read the license agreement that you accepted when starting the app.
  • Privacy notice. Here you can read our privacy notice. (See also in the footer of this webpage.)
  • About Golf Shot Analytics. Here you get some information about the current version of Golf Shot Analytics.

Profiles menu

This menu icon shows the initials of the current profile. Often, a single profile is good enough. But if you want to use the tool with multiple people or with multiple devices, or want to make a distinction between different situations (for example at home or at the driving range) you can create multiple profiles. Each profile has its own shots, sessions, dashboards, and settings. For more information, see the help on profiles. In the profiles menu you see the different profiles and you can easily switch by selecting the one you want. Also there is a command to Define profiles. Here you can add new profiles and change properties of existing profiles.