Importing shot data

Note that each profile corresponds to a single device/simulator. So if your profile has a particular device you cannot import shots from other devices. First you need to create a profile for that other device.

Golf Shot Analytics needs data of your shots which you must export from your device or simulator. Golf Shot Analytics supports various devices and simulators that each require a slightly different process to export the shot data (see below).

Once you exported the data, in Golf Shot Analytics, click on the Import icon in the toolbar. You are given some brief information and should them press the button to import the shot data for your device. During the import process you will be asked for some information that is required to make the import work correctly. 

In all cases, only new shots are imported. Shots that already exist (in the current or any other profile) are not imported. However, when shots were deleted you are asked whether to import them again. 

See the following pages for details on how to export/import shot data from the different devices and simulators.

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