Importing from GSPro

To import from GSPro you need a profile for that simulator. Each device/simulator that you use must have its own profile!

GSPro is a golf simulator that can be used with many different launch monitors. Data from your range sessions in GSPro can be exported and imported in Golf Shot Analytics.

To use this, export your range session in GSPro. You have to do this immediately after your session because GSPro, for as far as I know, does not store session data. This will produce a single .csv file. You can then import that file in Golf Shot Analytics  as follows. On the toolbar, click on the Import icon. On the dialog that appears, press the import button. Select the csv file you want to import.

This will read the file. Unfortunately, the GSPro export file does not include information about the units used (like meters or yards). So you will be asked to provide that information. Make sure this is correct, otherwise your metrics will be completely wrong.

Next you are asked for information about the session. 

  • Session name. The name you want to give to your session. if you leave this blank, the date is used. 
  • Session date and  Session time. Again, GSPro does not store this in the file, but it is crucial to get your shots in the correct order and to avoid duplicates.
  • If you want to fill in other information about the session, press the Show details checkmark. You can now indicate the rating, ball used, and comments. 

Press Continue and the shots are imported. Only new shots are imported. Existing shots are left unchanged. When there are shots in the file that have been imported before but were deleted in the meantime, you are asked whether to import them again.

Note that the metrics that GSPro provides are rather limited. So if you want to get as many metrics as possible, you might want to use a different simulator.