Importing from Uneekor

To import from Uneekor devices you need a profile for that device. Each device/simulator that you use must have its own profile!

Uneekor provides a number of launch monitors, like the EYE XO, EYE MINI, and QED. The first come with the VIEW program and QED comes with the Ignite program. How to import the data depends on the program used.

View software

When you have VIEW installed on your computer and use it to record shot data, you can easily import that data in Golf Shot Analytics. There is no need to export any data. Golf Shot Analytics reads the data directly from the VIEW program.

You can import the data in Golf Shot Analytics  as follows. On the toolbar, click on the Import icon. On the dialog that appears, press the top import button. The data is stored in a file called VIEW.bytes that is default located in the folder C:\Users\XXX\AppData\LocalLow\UNEEKOR\VIEW, where XXX is your user name (unless you change the location of your Data Folder Path in the settings in the VIEW software). Select that file. When there are multiple users, you are asked to select the user for which you want to import the shots. You can also select multiple users to import all shots.

You are then ask what video you want to associate to the shots. A shot in VIEW can have two videos: left and right. Here you can indicate which one to use (or none). (GolfShotAnalytics supports just one video so you must choose.)

The file will now be read and all shots that are not yet imported will be added to Golf Shot Analytics. When you deleted shots in Golf Shot Analytics you will be asked whether you want to import these shots again.

Ignite software

When you use the ignite software, that comes with the QED launch monitor, you must first export your data before you can import it in Golf Shot Analytics. Ignite does not store your sessions. So you must export the data immediately after you completed the session. You can either export the data to a file or send it to you by email. In both cases you get a CSV file.

You can import the data in Golf Shot Analytics  as follows. On the toolbar, click on the Import icon. On the dialog that appears, press the bottom import button. Now indicate the CSV file. The CSV file does not store the club you used, so you are asked to select the correct club.

Next you are asked for information about the session. 

  • Session name. The name you want to give to your session. if you leave this blank, the date is used. 
  • Session date and  Session time. Ignite does not store this in the file, but it is crucial to get your shots in the correct order and to avoid duplicates.
  • If you want to fill in other information about the session, press the Show details checkmark. You can now indicate the rating, ball used, and comments. 

Press Continue and the shots are imported. Only new shots are imported. Existing shots are left unchanged. When there are shots in the file that have been imported before but were deleted in the meantime, you are asked whether to import them again.