Importing from FlightScope

To import from FlightScope you need a profile for that device. Each device/simulator that you use must have its own profile!

FlightScope has a number of launch monitors, like the Mevo, the Mevo Plus, and the X3. To import data from these devices, you must use the PC version of the FlightScope app (at least for now). You should then proceed as follows:

Once you finish a full swing session, return to the Flightscope PC home screen. Click on the upper right tile called Review session. There you will find a list of you of all sessions performed in FlightScope PC. Click on the one that you would like to upload, and at the bottom you will see a button to Export session data. Then follow the prompts for typical PC location saving. This will create a .csv file. (You can also export multiple sessions to a zip file. In this case, unzip the file and import them one by one.)

To import that file in Golf Shot Analytics, proceed as follows. On the toolbar, click on the Import icon. On the dialog that appears, press the import button. Select the csv file you want to import. This will read the file.

Unfortunately, the export file does not contain information about the type of the clubs used. When you use the default clubs this is not a problem. But if you use your own club names, Golf Shot Analytics will ask you to provide the club types of all clubs it does not know. (For a next import it will not ask you again.) Press Continue to continue.

Next you are asked for information about the session. 

  • Session name. The name you want to give to your session. if you leave this blank, the date is used. 
  • If you want to fill in other information about the session, press the Show details checkmark. You can now indicate the rating, ball used, and comments. 

Press Continue and the shots are imported. Only new shots are imported. Existing shots are left unchanged. When there are shots in the file that have been imported before but were deleted in the meantime, you are asked whether to import them again.