Golf Shot Analytics used to be called R10 Analytics which was focused on the Garmin R10 launch monitor. Golf Shot Analytics adds support for other devices, but also the structure and features of the program have changed considerably.

When you were using R10 Analytics and install and run Golf Shot Analytics the first time, it reads and converts the shot data and profiles from R10 Analytics. However, note the following:

  • If you used both the R10 and GSPro in a single profile, this profile is split in two, one for each device.
  • Not all settings are converted. In particular, objectives and filters are not converted and you will need to define them again.
  • Backups you created in R10 Analytics cannot be restored in Golf Shot Analytics, nor the other way around.
  • Note that there is no global Absolute setting anymore. You can now define this for each individual component.
  • You can continue to use R10 Analytics. However, changes you make to the data in R10 Analytics will not be shown in Golf Shot Analytics as it uses its own data and settings.

You are strongly recommended not to use R10 Analytics anymore and delete it, as it will no longer be maintained. For the time being, the help for R10 Analytics remains available here.