Basic concepts

To use Golf Shot Analytics in the best possible way, there are a number of concepts you best understand.

  • Shots are the shots you have done and imported in the app. Each shot has a number of columns, also called metrics. 
  • Column. A shot has a number of columns, like the date, club name, total distance, and so on. Which columns are available depends on the device you are using. For example, the R10 provides information about your club swing tempo, while the FlightScope devices provide information about the low point of your swing. In the various tables you can select the columns you want to see. You can also define your own columns.
  • Metric. A metric is a column that has a numeric value, like the total distance, or back spin. Metrics can be shown in different charts and you can for example see average values for these for each club.
  • Club. Each shot is done with a club. Clubs have a name and a type. This is provided by the device. When no name is provided, the type is used as a name. You can change the club of shots in the shot table component.
  • Session. Shots are grouped into sessions. A session typically corresponds to one training session. Most of the devices let you export shots per session, although the Garmin R10 also has the possibility to get a dump of all your sessions. You can add various information about each session.
  • Profile. A profile corresponds to a particular user. It stores the shots and sessions, dashboards, filters, and other settings. You can have multiple profiles. When you use multiple devices you need a separate profile for each device.


  • Dashboard. Golf Shot Analytics is build up from dashboards. Each screen you look at is a dashboard. Dashboards consist of different components, like tables and charts. There are a number of standard dashboards but you can also define your own. For more information, see the help on dashboards.
  • Component. A dashboard consists of components. There are many different types of components available. For example, there are tables of all your shots, clubs, and sessions, there are various charts available, and you have driving range, objectives, and shot information components. Each components has a number of settings about what is shown in the component and the appearance.


  • Selection bar. At the top of most dashboards there is a selection bar. Here you can make a selection of the shots for which you want to see the information. You can make selections based on date, club, session, and you can use filters.
  • Filter. A filter is a very generic selection mechanism. You simply type in a formula to indicate what you want to see. For example 150 < TotalDistance < 200 will show you all shots with a total distance between 150 and 200. For more information, see the help on filters.
  • Tag. Each shot can have one or more tags. These are stored in a column named Tags as a comma separated list. These can be used to add properties or keywords to shots. You can easily make selections based on tags. For more information, see the help on tags.
  • Macro. A macro is a named formula that you can use in other formulas and filters. For more information, see the help on macros.