Comparing balls or clubs

Comparing balls

Assume you consider switching to a different type of ball and you want to know how it compares with your current ball? You can do this as follows. Do two session in the driving range with your device, one with the first ball, and one with the second ball. In each session you best use a few different clubs. Now, in Golf Shot Analytics, give these sessions an appropriate name, and indicate the ball you used. You can now compare the two sessions in the Session dashboard. (Note that you can always start Golf Shot Analytics twice, to see the two sessions side by side. Also you can pop-out the information for one of the sessions and compare it that way.)

Comparing clubs of the same type

This only applies to the Garmin R10. To compare clubs of the same type, in the Garmin app, in the settings, in your bag, create new clubs with the same type but with different names. Do a couple of shots with each of the club, making sure the correct club name is selected. Now import the data in Golf Shot Analytics and compare the data for the club names in the Clubs overview dashboard. You can even take your R10 to a golf shop and test out new clubs this way. In a similar way you can, for example, make a distinction between hitting a ball with a 3 Wood from a tee or from the ground.