Data storage

You might wonder where the data is stored. All data is stored in the folder C:\Users\XXXX\.GolfShotData2, where XXXX is your user name. Here you find the following files:

  • shots.csv. This contains all the shot information.
  • sessions.csv. This contains information about all the sessions.
  • profiles.json. This contains all the setting, dashboards, filters, and clubsets for all profiles.

Note that the shots and sessions for all profiles are stored in the same files. Even though the files are readable, you are strongly advised not to change them. Also, be very careful if you open the csv files in a spreadsheet. If you save the files again they might be changed and unreadable.

If something really goes wrong, you can delete the whole folder .GolfShotData2, start the program again, and then restore a backup (that you should regularly make).