How to recover from fatal errors

When Golf Shot Analytics no longer loads or gives an error message each time you run the program, you can proceed as follows:

  • Find the folder C:\Users\XXXX\.GolfShotData2, where XXXX is your user name. This folder stores all the data that the program uses. Here you find the following files:
    • shots.csv. This contains all the shot information.
    • sessions.csv. This contains information about all the sessions.
    • profiles.json. This contains all the setting, dashboards, filters, and clubsets for all profiles.

Note that the shots and sessions for all profiles are stored in the same files. So if you have multiple profiles there is still just a single shots.csv file. When the program no longer runs normally, most likely one of these files is corrupted.

  • First, make a backup of the three files.
  • Now delete sessions.csv and then start the program again. If the problem is solved you have only lost the information you added about sessions, which is normally rather minimal.
  • If not (most likely), put sessions.csv back in the folder. Now remove profiles.json and run the program again. You will have to create a new profile because all profile information is gone. You will get a warning that there are shots for which there is no profile and you are asked whether to add these to your current profile. Say Yes and your shots should be restored. You will have lost your settings, but the shots are back.
  • If this also fails, best remove the whole folder .GolfShotData2. You must now again create a profile and re-import your shots.

Restore a backup

If you created a backup before, you can now restore that backup. Everything (shots, session, profiles, settings) will then be restored. You are strongly recommended to regularly make backups.

Report the problem

Please report the problem by sending mail to Include a zipped version of the .GolfShotData2 folder that caused the problem. Please also include the error message you get. We can then try to avoid the problem in the future and sometimes even give you advise on how to restore your data.