General idea

Golf launch monitors and golf simulators are  great pieces of equipment to help you improve your golf swing. You can use them on the driving range, with a net in your garden, or indoors. But most of these tools provide limited functionality to analyse your shot data.

Golf Shot Analytics was created to remedy this. It imports your shot data from various devices and simulators and makes it possible to display the data in many different ways. It can for example show averages and minimum and maximum values per club during date ranges, it can show progress over time, and it can even show correlations between different types of data.

You can use Golf Shot Analytics to answer lots of questions you might have, for example:

  • What club should I use for what distance approach shot?
  • Does it help to slow my back swing?
  • Do my practice session increase my distance and reduce my deviation?
  • What club head speed works best for me?
  • What is the chance that I hit my driver further than 200 yard.
  • Which ball give me the most distance?

Supported devices

Currently Golf Shot Analytics supports the following devices and simulators:

  • Garmin R10 launch monitor, using the Garmin app.
  • FlightScope launch monitors, like the Mevo, Mevo Plus, and the X3), using the PC version of FlightScope.
  • Awesome Golf simulator.
  • GSPro golf simulator.

More will be added in the future.


If you are upgrading from R10 Analytics, please check out the help on compatibility.

Getting started

Once you downloaded and installed Golf Shot Analytics you can simply start it. You will be welcomed as a new user. Next you are asked to provide some information about yourself: your name, gender, year of birth, approximate handicap and whether you are left- or right-handed. This creates your profile. This information is important. It will be used to compare yourself with the average of similar players.

You are then asked for the device or simulator you are using. If you use different devices, you need a separate profile for each of them. It is easy to add profiles later. You are also asked to indicate which units you want to use for distance, height, and speed.

As a next step you must download the data from your device and import it in the tool. You will get precise instruction for that. For more information, see the help on importing shot data.

Now you are ready to go. You are shown the home dashboard with an overview of your shots and clubs. In the top bar you can select the dashboard you want to see and at the top right you find the menu icons. Here you can import shot data, select the dashboard you want to see, change settings, and a lot more.

Enjoy, learn, and improve your game.