Release Notes

Version 2.22, Oct 25, 2023

  • Corrected a problem that sometimes occurred when importing R10 session files.

Version 2.20, Apr 24, 2023

  • Added support for the Uneekor QED device using Ignite software.
  • Missing data is now handled much better (no longer taken into account in averages or charts). See info on missing data.
  • You can now define macros that can be used in all formulas.
  • In formulas aggregate values over sessions were added.
  • Solved bug not showing Decent Angle metric.
  • Splitter positions and sizes of video and metric windows are now saved.
  • Corrected a number of other bugs.
  • Added information on how to recover from fatal errors.

Version 2.18, Apr 20, 2023

  • In the driving range component you can now indicate how the shots must be clustered using a formula (default the club name).
  • Also in the trajectories component you can indicate the clustering. It now also has a setting to show the legend.
  • For tables, in the settings, there now is an appearance tab where you can change the font size and whether to use bold
  • Solved a bug in Uneekor import that sometimes led to an unknown error.
  • In Uneekor import you can now associate the stored video to each shot.

Version 2.17, Apr 18, 2023

  • A new variable session_last is now available in formulas to select shots in the last session only.
  • Added initial (experimental) support for Uneekor launch monitors.
  • Solved some bugs when upgrading from older version.

Version 2.15, Apr 12, 2023

  • A new component Value Progress Chart has been added with which you can track any data you want over time.
  • Solved a bug when you named a session with a number.
  • Solved some other rare crashes.
  • Made the importance of setting the correct units in GSPro import more clear.
  • You can now use saving and loading of sessions (in the session information component menu) to move shots between profiles with different devices.

Version 2.12, Apr 1, 2023

  • Club tables, club charts, and metric value components now have an option Exclude zero when computing values. This will not take the value 0 into account when computing the average or other value. (0 is used when the value is missing in the shot data.)
  • Also the functions in formulas dealing with averages and other aggregate values now have such an option.
  • You can add a column Video to csv files from GSPro and Awesome golf that contains the filename or url of an associated video for the shots. For Flightscope such a file is now read from the different video columns.
  • Corrected a crash that indicated the None has not profile initials.

Version 2.11, Mar 28, 2023

  • You can now save a dashboard as a pdf file.
  • You can save and load sessions, for example to send them to a student.
  • A number of bugs where corrected related to the display of column values in charts, the import of Mevo+ files without the Pro packages, and some rare conditions.

Version 2.10, Mar 26, 2023

This version is an almost complete rewrite of the program, with a new name. Everywhere changes and improvements have been made. The version is not fully compatible with the previous version but it will load previous shot and session data. See the help on compatibility for details.

  • You can now also import data from FlightScope (Mevo, Mevo Plus, ...) and Awesome Golf.
  • All screens are now dashboards with components. You can change the dashboard to your liking and add dashboards.
  • You can change the settings of each individual component and components have many more settings related to what they show and how they show it.
  • New components have been added to e.g. show the trajectories of all shots and average metrics.
  • A filter is now a formula. This considerably extends the possibilities of filters.
  • Also objectives are filters, leading to many more possibilities.
  • You can add your own metrics/columns to the data for each shot.
  • In the driving range you can now show bounding ellipses and other shapes.
  • You can add new club names and assign them to clubs.
  • Many more smaller improvements and features.
  • Help has been largely rewritten.

R10 Analytics

The following release notes refer to the old R10 Analytics app.

Version 1.42, Jan 10, 2023

  • Solves another bug that crashed the program when upgrading from an older version.

Version 1.41, Jan 9, 2023

  • Solves a bug that crashed the program when upgrading from a version before 1.00.

Version 1.40, Jan 3, 2023

  • You can now define different profiles. Each profile has its own shots, sessions, objectives, settings, and so on.
  • Added a correlation matrix to the correlation view, where you can see all correlations between metrics.
  • Added a new frequency percentage chart to the distribution view.
  • The spin computation method is now available for each shot and you can filter on it. (You must redo a bulk import for this.)
  • You can now create and restore backups of your data and settings.
  • You can now delete complete session or move them to a different profile. 
  • Objectives can now be applies to club names, types and sets.
  • Improvements to the range target (move with mouse, relative radii, showing the Percent Error Index)
  • Dialog to select columns or metrics now uses drag-and-drop.
  • Bulk import will fill in missing data for existing shots (like spin method, swing tempo, video url, and so on).
  • More shots with missing data are imported.
  • Support for more languages in session import and better reporting.
  • Improved import from GSPro.
  • Import is considerably faster.
  • News and tips on the home page.
  • Restrict option for club selection is removed. You can use a filter for that.
  • You can clear your shots in the file menu.
  • A number of smaller changes and bug corrections.
  • Data is stored in a different way. This is automatically converted the first time you run the new version.

Version 1.31, Dec 14, 2022

  • Solved some issues in importing from an R10 export file. In particular shots without a spin rate measure are not correctly imported. Also some date issues were solved. 

Version 1.30, Dec 12, 2022

  • R10Analytics can now import shot data that is directly exported from the Garmin app. To this end, the import dialog now gives multiple options.
  • You can now import shot data that is exported from GSPro. (Still in Beta.) This should also work when using another launch monitor than the R10.
  • A new filter type was added to select the source of the shot (R10 or GSPro).
  • Added the new club types that from the Garmin app.

  • Bug correction: Bulk import no longer fails when multiple clubs have the same name.

Version 1.20, Nov 29, 2022

  • You can now define objectives, like hitting your driver at least 200 yards, or having a small deviation in your shots. Percentage of shots satisfying the objectives are shown, together with the trend. 
  • A new home view has been added showing the most important information and the objectives.
  • The tag selection has been removed from the selection bar and integrated in the filter selection. 
  • During onboarding you are now asked to specify the units you want to use.

Version 1.10, Nov 6, 2022

  • The shot selection mechanism has been considerably extended. Also the selection bar has been improved for easier use.
  • You can now define your own filters based on metrics, dates, clubs, and other criteria. You can then use these for selecting shots.
  • You can give shots tags and select based on this.
  • You can associate your own videos with shots.
  • The range now has a target, much like e6, where you can see the distribution of your shots around a target.
  • Time of shots is now converted to your local time zone.
  • Improved program loading times.
  • Preparation have been made for supporting other launch monitors and simulators in the future.

Version 1.03, Oct 15, 2022

  • When shots have missing club metrics, which often is the case when using RCT balls, you can now decide during import whether or not to ignore such shots.

Version 1.02, Oct 1, 2022

  • A serious bug was corrected that made the program sometimes crash when using yards as metric for apex height.

Version 1.01, Sep 26, 2022

  • A serious bug was corrected that made the program sometimes crash when releasing a mouse button in a progress chart.

Version 1.00, Sep 19, 2022

  • A new sessions view has been added. Here you can inspect each of your sessions. You can change the name of the session and add additional data. You can split and merge sessions. You can see the shots in a session, and you can see the averages for your clubs during a session.
  • Shots can now be removed and the club can be changed. So you no longer need the Garmin app for this. In the shot list or the sessions view, select the shots and delete or change them.
  • When you created a shot video with your Garmin app you can now watch the videos in R10Analytics. You can annotate them to get better insight. (Note that videos are only available when you have a subscription in the Garmin app. Otherwise, they are not stored in the cloud.)
  • The import mechanism has been improved. Default now only new shots are imported. Also you get information about how many shots are imported. Shots with missing data are now ignored.
  • The progress view has been enhanced. And in the correlations view you can now indicate the percentage of outliers to remove.
  • The driving range now shows shots with different clubs with different colors. 
  • The option to ignore certain shots has been removed. Also, you can no longer use fixed axes. (Both caused too much issues.)
  • A number of smaller improvement and corrections were made.

Version 0.72, Aug 25, 2022

  • This release solves a bug that caused a crash for some users when they started the program. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Version 0.70, Aug 8, 2022

  • When you double click on a shot in the shot list you now get a visual representation of the shot, including trajectories. And of course it adapts to whether you are left or right handed 😊. You can use a button at the top of the window to switch to the view with all the data in boxes that was there before.
  • I extended the club selection mechanism. You can select a club based on name or type and you can select all clubs in a club set, to combine their data. Default there are sets for drivers, woods, irons, etc. but you can define your own sets in the settings. You can also restrict the selections to a set. This is for example useful when you use the device with two people, each having their own clubs. Also in the club data screen you can now combine data for club sets and you can restrict the clubs.
  • Charts are now interactive. When you hold the left mouse button, additional information is shown about the current position.
  • The program now knows about the different driving ranges in the Garmin app. In the settings you can restrict the shots to a particular range. (For this you need to reimport the data.) This is important as often only on the distance range you will use full shots.
  • The installer is signed now. This should lead to less security warnings. Microsoft is still giving some warning. I am working towards getting rid of that as well.
  • When multiple clubs have the same name, upon import their names are now extended with an indication of the club type (like 3W) to distinguish between them.

Version 0.50, Jul 24, 2022

  • First public release of R10 Analytics