Missing data

Sometimes, launch monitors do not correctly measure certain metrics. This in particular happens regularly with metrics related to the club, like the Club Head Speed or the Attach Angle. Such missed values are replaced by 0. This can though influence average values, correlations, and charts. For example, when you would take such 0 values into account when computing the average club head speed, the average would be a lot lower that the actual value.

To this end, Golf Shot Analytics ignores 0 values when computing averages and other aggregate values. In tables such 0 values are shown as a dash (-) and in charts such values are not shown at all. This will solve most problems.

However, sometimes 0 values do make sense. For example if you hit your shots very straight, the deviation distance might be 0. Or your attack angle might indeed be 0. If this only happens rarely, this will not influence the values much. (Note that the value must be exactly 0 to be ignored, not the displayed rounded value.) But when you have a lot of such shots, and still want to take those values into account, you can change this behavior for certain columns.

To this end, select Define columns from the settings menu. Click on the checkmark Show the built-in columns to see the built-in columns. Select the column for which you want to change this, for example the Total Deviation Distance. At the bottom of the settings for this column, there is an option Consider zero values as missing data. Remove the checkmark in front of this option. Now zero values will be taken into account for this column. Repeat this for other relevant columns.


Note that you can also define a filter to remove shots with missing data. And you can even completely delete such shots.