Club chart

R10 Analytics Club Data

      A club chart gives you a visual presentation of one particular metric for each club. 

      For each club you see a bar. The narrow line gives the range between the minimum and the maximum value of the metric. The thick part contains the values between the lower and higher percentile (default 25% and 75%). The dot gives the average. This will give a very quick overview of how you perform with your different clubs.

      If you hold the left mouse button while hovering over the chart you will get more precise metric information.

      The chart has a menu in the right of the title bar. Here you have the following options:

      • Select metric. There is also an icon for this in the title bar. Here you can select the metric you want to show in the chart. Select the metric in the list and press OK.
      • Save as PNG image. Save an image of the chart in a PNG file.
      • Change settings. Change the settings. See below.
      • Pop-out. Pop-out the chart as a separate window.


      The club chart component has a number of settings that you can change by clicking the settings icon in the title bar.

      • General
        • Name. The name of the component. 
        • Title. The title shown in the title bar. When you leave this empty, the metric is shown in the title bar.
        • Metric. Select the metric to show in the chart.
        • Group by. Here you can indicate whether you want to group the shots by club name, by club type, or by club set. The distinction between names and types is only relevant when you gave clubs your own names and when you have multiple clubs of the same type but with different names. Note that if you give two different clubs the same name, the shots of those clubs are combined. Grouping by club sets is useful to e.g. see the combined data for all irons, woods, and so on. You can also add your own club sets in the Settings.
        • Value to show.  Here you can select what value you want to show in the chart with the white dot. You have a number of options. Default the average value for the metric is shown. You can also show the minimum, maximum, range (that is max minus min), median (the middle value) and percentiles. The latter depends on the percentile setting. When you have a percentile of, say 25, percentile low will show the value of the metric that lies at 25%. Percentile high will show you the value at 75%.
        • Exclude zero when computing values. When checked metric values of 0 are not used when calculating the average or other value. The rational is that 0 is used when the metric value is missing in the shot data. However, it will also ignore these values when they are valid, like a perfectly straight shot.
        • Percentile. The percentile used in the chart for the thick bar.
        • Use absolute value. Use the absolute values of the metric.
      • Data. Here you can define a filter in the form of a formula. Only shots that satisfy the filter are taken into account in the chart.
      • Appearance
        • Show minimum and maximum. Whether to show the thin line between the minimum and maximum value.
        • Show low and high percentiles. Whether to show the thick line between the low and high percentiles.
        • For other appearance settings, see the help on charts.

      Note that there are buttons to reset the settings to the default (as defined in the dashboard) and to copy the settings from another club chart component.