Session table

The session table component contains all the sessions that contain selected shots. It is used in the Sessions dashboard. When you click on a session in the table in that dashboard, information about that session is shown in the other components. You can click on any of the column headers to sort the table by that column. You can also select multiple sessions in the table. The combined shots in these sessions are then shown in the other components.

At the right of the title bar there is a menu icon. If you click on this you have some options.

  • Select columns. Here you can select the columns to show. There is also an icon for this in the title bar. A form is shown with two lists. At the left you see the columns that are not yet shown and at the right you see the selected columns. You can select one or more of the columns and drag them to the other list. You can also drag them inside the list to change the order. Press the Select all button to select all columns and press the Clear button to remove them. Press one of the Sort buttons to place the columns in the default order. Press the Reset button to put the situation back to when you opened the dialog. Press OK when you are ready.
  • Save as CSV file. This saves the table to a csv file that can e.g. be read into Excel to inspect further. 
  • Change settings. Change the settings. See below.
  • Pop-out. Pop-out the table as a separate window.


The session table component has a number of settings that you can change by clicking the settings icon in the title bar.

  • Name. The name of the component. 
  • Title. The title shown in the title bar.
  • Select columns. Select the columns to show in the table.
  • Data. Here you can define a filter in the form of a formula. Only sessions with shots that satisfy the filter are shown in the table.
  • Appearance. Here you can change the font size used for the cells and the headers, and whether they should be bold.

Note that there are buttons to reset the settings to the default (as defined in the dashboard) and to copy the settings from another session table component.