Session information

The session information component shows information about a particular session. It is used in conjunction with the session table. When you select a session in the table, the information is shown in the session information component. A session has a name (default the date it was done), optionally a driving range, an optional star rating, information about the ball you used in the session, and some comments.

To change the session information, press the Edit icon in the title bar. A dialog opens where you can change the name, pick a rating and a ball, and add comments. When you click on the ball menu, at the bottom there is an option Edit ball names. Choose this to change the list of balls you can choose from. You can add balls, delete them, and change the order. Press Save when you are ready.

In the title bar there is also a Delete icon. Click this to delete the session and all the shots in it. You are asked to confirm this action. Deleted shots will actually be marked deleted. When you try to import them again you are asked whether or not you want to import them.

At the right of the title bar there is a menu icon. If you click on this you have some options.

  • Edit session information. This does the same as pressing the edit icon and lets you change the information.
  • Delete session and shots. Allows you to delete the session and the shots.
  • Save session. Save the session information and the shots in the session to a json file. You can then give this file to somebody else, for example your students, who can then load it.
  • Load session. Load a saved session. Note that you can only load a session if that session in not yet available (in the current or any other profile). When the shots in the saved session where done with a different device/simulator you get a warning. You can though still load them. The device for the shots will then be adapted. Be careful though. Different devices provide different sets of metrics. So by doing this, you might miss certain metric values (which are set to 0).
  • Move to other profile. When there is another profile with the same device this option is available to move the session to that other profile.
  •  Merge with other sessions. When you click this a dialog appears with a list of all other sessions. You can select one or more of them. Click Ok to merge these into the current session. Be careful. This cannot easily be undone! 

The session information component has no settings.