R10 Analytics Shot Data

The trajectories component show the ball flight trajectories of each of the shots. Shots for different clubs have different colors (can be changed in the settings). At the top there is the side view that shows the vertical launch angle, apex height, landing position, and final position. At the bottom there is the top view that shows the horizontal launch angle, and the path for each shot. Note that the direction of the shots (left to right or right to left) depends on you handedness. The image is for a left-handed player.

In the settings you can indicate that only the average trajectory for each club is given.

At the right of the title bar there is a menu icon. Here you can save the trajectories as a PNG image, change the settings, or pop-out the component, that is, create a separate window for the component.


Shots are grouped in clusters. Default these clusters are the club names. Each cluster get its own color. You can also show the average shot in a cluster., You can change the clustering. In the settings of the component there is a field Cluster formula. For each shot this formula is computed. Each different value indicates a cluster. Here are some examples:

  • ClubName The default. Each club name forms a cluster.
  • ClubType Cluster on club type rather than club name.
  • club_category() Use the category of the club (Driver, Wood, Hybrid, etc.). Note that this is a function.
  • ShotType The type of shot (Push, Hook, etc.) when supported by the device.
  • session_name Each session becomes a category.
  • "Height " + format("{:2}", 5*round(ApexHeight/5)) Here is a complex one. We look at the apex height of the shot and round this to multiples of 5. Each forms a clustor with name Height  10, Height 15, etc.

You can also define your own column, for example one that computes the quality of your shot, and then use that column name as the cluster formula. Check out the help on formulas for more information.


The trajectories component has a number of settings that you can change by clicking the settings icon in the title bar.

  • Name. The name of the component. 
  • Title. The title shown in the title bar. If you leave this empty the title shows the type of distance shown.
  • View. Whether to show the side view, top view, or both.
  • Cluster formula. The formula used to define clusers (see above).
  • Show average trajectory for each club. When checked, for each club only the average trajectory is shown.
  • Use colors. Whether to use different colors for the different clubs.
  • Max paths. The maximal number of paths to show. When there are many shots, showing all of them becomes rather slow. If you set this to a lower number, at most that many paths are shown. A sort of regular selection of the paths is made.
  • Data. Here you can define a filter in the form of a formula. Only trajectories of shots that satisfy the filter are shown in the component.

Note that there are buttons to reset the settings to the default (as defined in the dashboard) and to copy the settings from another trajectories component.